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New York/Upper Connecticut Region, USPC

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Lakeville Pony Club

The Lakeville Pony Club was founded in 1956 and is one of the longest-functioning Pony Clubs in the United States.  We are a proud member club of the New York/Upper Connecticut Region, United States Pony Clubs, Inc.


 United States Pony Clubs, Inc.

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Lakeville PC Open Horse Show 2014

The Lakeville Open Horse Show is a benefit for the Lakeville Pony Club.  This year it takes place on Sunday, September 21 at our home, Riga Meadow Equestrian Center, in Salisbury, CT.


The photos taken by Susan Drew at the Lakeville Open Horse Show are now available for viewing and purchase.  Access the photo gallery by clicking on the following link:


Why not download the prize list (show program), and attend, and perhaps exhibit (download the entry form) at one of the most beautiful horse shows in the world! 

Lakeville Horse Show 2009

Early morning at a Lakeville Horse Show

Don't miss our Photo Galleries of older pics here.  Our newer pics are on our Facebook page.


What's Pony Club?

People ask us this question all the time, so, if you're curious, why not CLICK HERE for  a page of information about Lakeville Pony Club (and some additional information about Pony Club in general, too)


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We're located in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, and we're easy to find, so CLICK HERE for driving directions.

CLICK HERE to download forms and other information for Lakeville Pony Club activities.

There's a "Jerry Day" form on the Download page for LPCers who ride Jerry.  The current Jerry calendar is here.

New York/Upper Connecticut Region, USPC

Lakeville PC is a member club of the New York/Upper Connecticut Region

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