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United States Pony Clubs, Inc.

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About Pony Club

United States Pony Clubs, Inc.

Pony Club is one of the leading junior equestrian organizations in the world, represented in 30 countries. The United States has over 600 individual Clubs spread throughout 48 states and the Virgin Islands, with more than 10,000 members.

It is not necessary for a child to own a horse or pony to participate in Pony Club, but they must have access to one when required. Programs are offered in dressage, eventing, show jumping, mounted games, tetrathlon, quiz, vaulting, foxhunting, and polocrosse.

During "unmounted" meetings members learn about feeding, shoeing, veterinary care, and other areas of horse management. Under adult supervision, the more experienced Pony Club members instruct and assist younger members.

To learn more about the United States Pony Clubs, Inc., (a 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization) and about the Pony Club movement, CLICK HERE to visit the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. website.


About Lakeville Pony Club

Lakeville Pony Club

Founded in 1956 by the late Lucy Drummond, and now more than half a century old, Lakeville Pony Club is one of the oldest member clubs of the United States Pony Clubs. LPC serves the young people of northwest Litchfield County, as well as bordering areas of New York State and Massachusetts, and is one of the 17 clubs that constitute the USPC's New York/Upper Connecticut Region.  During the more than half century that LPC has been in existence,  hundreds of young people have been members.

Today, Lakeville Pony Club has around 20 members, ranging in age from 7 to 17, who live not only in Lakeville and Salisbury, but many other Northwest Corner towns as well as nearby locations in Massachusetts and New York State. Some live in New York City and are here weekends and during school vacations.  Member interests and aspirations range from simply acquiring basic riding and horse care skills to participation in the equestrian community in a meaningful capacity. 

The club provides mounted lessons -- generally emphasizing basic riding skills, and including Mounted Games and cross-country riding -- as well as an active program of dismounted activities, such as puppy walking with the Millbrook Hunt, competition in USPC Quiz, summer camp, and field trips with an equestrian theme.

During the summer, the club has a short day camp for its members.  Each autumn, the club hosts the venerable Lakeville Open Horse Show, one of the oldest open horse shows in continuous existence in the United States.  They also host clinics by recognized experts in the horse world on a variety of topics. The club competes at a regional level in Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, and Quiz, and has in the past sent a number of members to USPC National Championships in all of these disciplines, and a few to international Pony Club competitions and exchange programs.